Liar's Dice Rules:

Rules of the game

1.Give each player fivedice and one dice cup. Liar’s Dice works best with three or more players, the only limitation is the number of dice you have. Make sure each player also gets an opaque cup so players can shake up their dice without anyone seeing. 

  • If you do not have any opaque cups, you can cover the dice with your hand as soon as you roll them.
  • You can buy a Liar’s Dice set that includes everything you need to start playing.

2.Roll one dice to determine who is playing first. Each player takes one of their dice and rolls it. Whoever has the highest number starts first. If there’s a tie for the highest roll, repeat the roll.  

  • After the starting player is determined, players take turns clockwise.

3.Everyone secretly rolls their dice at the same time. Put your dice in your cup and shake them up. Flip the cup face-down on the table to keep your dice hidden. You can peek at your dice, but be careful no one else sees them. 

  • If someone sees another player’s dice, have everyone roll again to start the round over.

4.Let the first player bid how many total dice of one value were rolled. After everyone looks at their dice, the first player guesses how many dice of a certain face value have been rolled among all players. The guess is based on what the dice are showing under your cup, but you can also bluff and state more than you have. 

  • Example: If the first player bids “four 3s,” it means that the player bids that between all players, at least four dice are showing the number 3.
  • Bluffing allows you to make a bid even if you do not have any dice with that face. For example, you can still bid “two 5s” even if you do not have any 5s. 

5.Raise the bid if you think there are more dice. The next player continues and in order to keep the round going, they must bid a higher quantity of dice, a higher face value, or a higher quantity and face value. Again, the player can bluff about how many dice you think there are, or base your bid on what there is under your cup.  

  • Example: If the first bid is “two 3s,” the next player could bid “three 3s,” “two 4s,” or “three 5s.” “Two 2s” would not be allowed since it is the same quantity and has a lower face value.
  • Some variations consider “1s” to be wild, meaning they can be of any value. However, if “1s” are bid by the first player, then they count as their face value for the rest of the round.
  • Even if you do not have any dice under your cup that match your bid, there is still a good chance that other players may have them.
  • Be conservative with your bids so you do not get caught bluffing. Bidding something like “ten 6s” would need a lot of luck, but a bid of “three 6s” sounds more likely.

6.Challenge the last bid if you think it is a bluff. Instead of raising the bid, you can challenge it to call another player’s bluff and end the round. Say “Liar!” or “Challenge!” when it is your turn to let the previous player know you do not accept their bid.

7.Reveal all the dice when a player challenges. Have everyone lift their cups to reveal all the dice. If fewer dice are showing than the bid, whoever made the bet loses the round. If the number of dice is equal to or more than the bid, the player who made the challenge is wrong and loses the round. 

  • Example: Player 1 bets “seven 6s.” Player 2 does not believe them and challenges. There are nine 6s after revealing the dice, so Player 1 wins and Player 2 loses.
  • Example: Player 1 bets “six 3s.” Player 2 thinks they are lying and challenges. Only four 3s are showing, so Player 2 wins and Player 1 loses.

8.Lose a dice if you lose the round. Please take one of the dice out of your cup and set it aside. That dice is out for the rest of the game, so you will roll fewer dice during the next round. 

  • If you lose your last dice, then you are knocked out of the game.
  • If the person made a bid and stated the exact number of dice with the exact face value, you could play with the “spot on” rule and have all players lose a dice except for the bidder.

9.Start the next round with the person who lost the previous round. Everyone takes their remaining dice and rolls them again. The person who lost the last round makes the initial bid for the new round.

10.Play rounds until there is only one player with dice left. At the end of each round, at least one player loses a dice from their cup. If you knock out all the other players, you win the game! 

  • If you get to the point where there are 2 players left each with only 1 dice, bet on the sum of the 2 dice instead, such as “7” or “11.”
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